Paving for the Winter

When was the last time you repaired your driveway? A year ago, maybe longer? If it’s more than two years it’s time to seriously consider crossing this off the summer to-do list. Why? Summer is the best season to repave or redo any driveway! First off, with Buffalo’s harsh winters, it's almost impossible to fix a driveway and have it properly cure and set in the colder months. Also, the longer you wait, the larger those pesky divots and potholes will become (and multiply!). That’s why it is so important to improve and redo any driveway now to keep you and your loved ones safe. In addition, the installation and maintenance is quicker in the warmer months, which means less time your car sits in the road while your driveway is being repaired. With all this in mind, it’s hard to know which type of driveway and process is best for you and your home. That’s why at B&W Concrete, we are here to help with all your driveway questions while delivering exceptional concrete in Buffalo, NY.  

Concrete Driveways

Next time you drive down your street, count the number of asphalt black driveways--spoiler alert: it’ll be a lot! If you want a driveway that will look great, stand out, and add to your home’s aesthetic, concrete might be the solution for your driveway. Oh, and did we mention it’s less maintenance than asphalt driveways? In addition, with proper care, concrete driveways can last up to 20-30 years! And when the kids are playing, their toes and feet won’t get as hot compared to asphalt. At B&W Concrete, we are experts in outdoor improvements and would love to repair or transform your driveway with our concrete in Buffalo, NY.

Choose B&W Concrete

Think a concrete driveway is right for you and your family? B&W would love to help. Providing several concrete services in Buffalo, NY, we know concrete. If you just want to repair an existing concrete driveway or tear up the asphalt, we can do both! At B&W Concrete, we use an exposed aggregate technique which is achieved by laying concrete and then removing the outer skin of cement to uncover decorative coarse aggregate. Due to its durability and skid resistance, an exposed aggregate finish is ideal for driveways. For the concrete itself, we only use the highest quality, maximum standards, 4” concrete, 4000 psi, 10 gauge wire mesh, spray, and cure and seal to protect your investment. With these techniques and materials, our concrete in Buffalo, NY will better prepare you for those winter months.

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