Before deciding on the pattern and color of your next stamped concrete project, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the stamping process.

Stamped concrete can be divided into five pattern types: Brick, Stone, Slate, Texture & Wood. There are more options for patterns but having an understanding of these can help you make the best decision for your project. That’s why at B&W Concrete, we are here to help with all your driveway questions while delivering exceptional concrete in Buffalo, NY.  

So you have a pattern picked out, you now need to pick your colors. Stamped concrete usually has two colors, a base color and an accent color. There are two ways to create the base color for new concrete: integral color and color hardener. With either method the end result of your stamped concrete will emphasize this color.

A release agent is used to keep the stamp from sticking during the stamping process. The release agent will also offer an accent color to the concrete once washed and sealed. When picking the release color, make sure it accents your base color for best results. Usually a darker release agent over a lighter base color works best.


Immediately follow the application of the release agent, we’ll begin the stamping process by pressing the stamping tools into the concrete. The texture or pattern is created as the tool is pressed into the concrete. As this happens some of the colored release agent becomes embedded into the surface of the concrete. Now it’s time to wash and clean! Once the area is thoroughly cleaned, you will see the integral color with accents of the release color. However, final colors will not appear until the concrete is sealed and fully cured.


Maintaining your newly stamped concrete in Buffalo, NY is important. Periodically inspect cured and sealed surfaces for normal wear. For maximum coating life and performance, wipe up all chemical solvent or petroleum spills as soon as possible. Remove abrasive debris by sweeping or vacuuming. Do not drag, drop or place sharp edges on sealed surfaces.

Periodic washings with mild detergents will help maintain surface luster. But don’t use solvent or acid-based cleaning materials. Concrete that will have car traffic, de-icing salts or chemical exposure may exhibit wear faster. In most cases stamped concrete does not need to be sealed every year.

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