Swimming weather is finally here! Everyone knows that having a pool makes you one of the most popular people in the neighborhood! With kids out of school and the sun shining, you’ll want your pool ready for all types of gatherings. Friends dropping by, barbeques, pool parties, spending$ your vacation at home, and of course relaxing. Our concrete contractors in Buffalo, NY can build a deck that will help maximize your backyard this summer. We can help transform your worn and tired pool deck into a fabulous summer destination. With a pool, the fun pretty much takes care of itself. Here are three tips to get you ready for a great summer.

Tip One: Check Your Deck’s Condition

Decks are exposed to all kinds of weather, so they can take a beating by being outside year after year. Add an active family that spends months of warm weather in and around the pool and it’s going to show wear. You will want to watch for any damage to your deck, such as cracks, which can take away from your pool’s overall appearance. If your pool deck could use a facelift, there are ways to beautify and protect your deck for years of worry-free functionality. At B&W Concrete in Buffalo, NY our contractors can provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that any cracks or damage can be treated and fixed so that your pool deck looks like new again.

Tip Two: Keeping Your Deck Clean

With pools being a prime spot for kids to hang out and play, it’s likely that they’ll bring a mess along with them. Food, dirt, and other debris can leave stains, which can impact your deck’s condition. Using some dish detergent, a bristle brush, and good old elbow grease can help to combat those tough messes left by playful kids. A simple hose-down can also help to keep your pool deck clean and free of debris. Our experts at B&W Concrete can help answer any questions you may have on how to clean your pool deck properly. We also offer power-washing as a service to our customers if you’d like to have your deck professionally cleaned in Buffalo, NY.  

Tip Three: Finish Off Your New Space!

With your new concrete pool deck in Buffalo, NY, it’s now time to decorate! Create different outdoor styles such as a beach theme, a luscious garden or a fun playground that both kids and adults can enjoy. Create a space that you’ll want to spend time to relax, refresh and enjoy. Plants and flowers can add beauty to the space and help provide privacy around your pool. Tiki torches help to keep bugs away and create a great nighttime atmosphere for everyone.

Don’t let summer catch you unprepared with a sub-par concrete pool deck in Buffalo, NY. Talk to the craftsmen at B&W Concrete who can answer all your questions about updating your pool deck with a decorative concrete finish that is perfect for your needs in style, color, and cost.