Just because the summer is winding down and the seasons are beginning to change doesn’t mean that you have to stop using your concrete deck or patio. At B&W Concrete, our concrete contractors in Buffalo, NY specialize in services to help maintain your concrete deck when needed, but there are also things that you can do yourself to help keep up with the maintenance. Whether it’s your concrete pool decks or your concrete walkway, here are a few of the different things you can do to maintain your concrete project.  

1.      Rinse

Water can be one of the simplest ways to clean and maintain your concrete. Rinsing off any dirt or debris on the concrete surface with a hose can help to keep the concrete from staining. Some dish soap and elbow grease can help to erase any tough debris from the surface. Our concrete contractors recommend letting the concrete air-dry for 24 hours to ensure that the surface is free of water or moisture.

2.     Sealing

Applying sealers to concrete can help to prevent moisture from penetrating into the surface, which can lead to cracking. Sealers also help the concrete to “breathe” and ensure that no moisture is stuck inside. Sealers are great ways to protect your concrete from staining. Sealers are a service that B&W Concrete can offer through our concrete contractors in Buffalo, NY or can be something that you can apply to your concrete yourself. If you have questions about sealers and the sealing process, please contact us for more information.

Sealing concrete can be a great way to protect your concrete from outside elements like UV rays, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures – all of which can damage your concrete over time. By applying sealers to your concrete, you can protect it from the elements and reduce any damage to the surface.

3.     Reinforcement

Another service that is offered by our concrete contractors in Buffalo, NY is concrete reinforcement. While our contractors do everything they can to control cracking with concrete, cracks may appear over time. With concrete reinforcement, control joints or grooves are installed in the concrete to shrink cracks that occur over time. Reinforcement is a great form of maintenance because it both strengthens the concrete and lessens the risk of the crack occurring again. 

 Whether it be a new concrete walkway, pool deck, or patio, proper maintenance can help to keep the concrete surface like new. If you have questions about how to properly maintain your concrete, our concrete contractors in Buffalo, NY can help you navigate best practices.