One of the biggest trends in outdoor design is creating a custom concrete pool deck. In this, you can choose the texture, color, and design of your concrete deck, and provide a great area for barbequing, sun-bathing, and so much more. At B&W concrete, we provide custom concrete designs in Buffalo, NY.

In the summer, there is nothing worse than stepping out of a pool and burning your feet on your deck. One way to prevent this? Creating a custom concrete deck for your pool. Concrete provides a smooth, slip-resistant area, that does not get too hot when temperature rises. This provides a perfect area to relax and sunbathe, host a barbecue, or just hang out with family and friends. Our experts can help you switch from wood deck to concrete in Buffalo, NY.

A stamped concrete deck is a great addition to a new or existing pool, and can help you make the most out of your outdoor space. Concrete pool decks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the possibilities of design are endless. Concrete pool decks come in a variety of different colors, and can be stamped with different sized shapes and colors as well. The design for your deck is completely up to the homeowner. Also, you can add a firepit, barbeque pit, and more! To get started designing your concrete deck in Buffalo, NY, contact B&W Concrete.

There are many benefits to choosing to build a concrete deck. Along with being safe, slip resistant, and remaining a good temperature when hot out, textured concrete decks are also more affordable than wood or stone decks. Also, concrete is a more durable material, and there is no need for regular maintenance, besides sweeping, cleaning off debris, or occasionally pressure washing the deck to prevent staining. Wooden pool decks often need to be stained yearly, and the wood deteriorates and rotts over time. Wooden decks can also often attract carpenter bees, which turn into unwanted guests at your pool party, and makes it difficult to enjoy food and beverage on your deck. Concrete decks are also superior to stone decks. Stone decks provide an irregular surface, which can be dangerous to young children, and the elderly. The gaps between the stone are also prone to weed and plant growth, which can leave your deck looking overgrown. Stone is also the heaviest, and most expensive option when purchasing a deck. For affordable concrete, contact us in Buffalo. NY.

Choosing a company to install your concrete deck in Buffalo, NY can be difficult. B&W Concrete is licensed, insured and certified. We assure your concrete deck will be installed by our trained professionals. Having a concrete deck will increase the visual appeal of your home, as well as being an affordable option. When you are ready to start designing your custom deck, give us a call!