A custom concrete walkway is a great way to add something to your home’s yard. At B&W Concrete, we can help you to design a custom concrete walkway in Buffalo, NY that will look good to anyone who comes over to your house. B&W Concrete in Buffalo, NY offers a variety of different concrete walkways that you can choose from, or even create a custom walkway that is just for you. Here are a few of the different concrete walkways that you could add to your home this summer. 

1.      Straight Path

A straight concrete walkway is a simple way to lead you right where you need to go. It can provide your home with a clean and clear path to wherever you want, whether it be to an entry of your home, around the house to a patio, or even a path to your pool! At B&W Concrete in Buffalo, NY our contractors can work with you to understand what sort of walkway you’re looking for and what option can best suit your needs. 

2.     Curved Path

Curved concrete walkways can be perfect for a home with a nice landscaping layout, and can take you and any house-guests on a journey through your yard. A curved concrete walkway from B&W Concrete in Buffalo, NY can give you a unique design that isn’t just a straight walkway. Curved concrete walkways are a more casual and informal style of path that can trick the eye into making the path seem longer than it actually is.

3.     Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete allows the concrete walkway to replicate the look of brick, slate, or stone. The process of stamping concrete provides an extra layer of detail and texture to the walkway that is hard to miss. Stamped concrete also has a longer lifespan than regular concrete, which means you can be left with a concrete walkway that won’t need to be replaced for a long time.

4.     Colored Concrete

Want to have a splash of color with your walkway? Stained concrete can add some life to your walkway instead of having all dull, grey concrete, and can be appealing to look at. Colored Concrete is the most economical option for concrete walkways. Our concrete contractors at B&W Concrete can help you to find colors that match with your home's color palette.

 5.     Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete can be achieved by removing a top layer of concrete to reveal the texture and color of the aggregate underneath it. This design gives you an extensive variety of color and texture options, and our concrete contractors can help you to find a great custom concrete walkway in Buffalo, NY. Exposed aggregate is also less expensive than other decorative options, and is one of the most durable decorative options that you can choose from; holding up well to heavy foot traffic and weather. 

After you’ve added a new concrete walkway in Buffalo, NY to your yard, the next step is to decide on adding some decorations to it. Adding some potted plants, mulch, natural rock or stones can help to spruce up your walkway.

B&W Concrete in Buffalo, NY is a licensed, insured and certified to handle all your concrete project needs. Whether it be a new concrete walkway, pool deck, or patio, we assure you that it will be installed by our trained professionals. When you are ready for a custom concrete walkway, our experts can work with you to find an option that will boost your home’s appearance and style for an affordable cost.