Concrete porch steps are usually the focal point of entryways for homes because they can be shaped, colored, and textured to fit a unique design. You can color and stamp a concrete stairway to look like stone, brick, wood, or many other designs. Concrete steps with an exposed aggregate finish are a popular choice because of their attractive look and non-slip surface. If you are thinking about having concrete stairs installed, B&W Concrete in Buffalo, NY has the experience for a flawless project.

Concrete steps are both versatile and durable versus wood stairs as concrete needs low maintenance while wood stairs tend to warp, fad, splinter, and rot. To keep a concrete stairway looking like new all you have to do is pressure wash and reseal them. Resealing is recommended once every two years or when you start to notice fading color. From cleaning, building, to decorating, by using our concrete in Buffalo, NY, B&W can transform any home.


Types of Concrete Porch Steps

  1. Matching your stamped concrete porch with concrete steps is a great combination to create a beautiful entrance. Having the same color and pattern for both blends the look and creates unique transition to your front entry.

  2. If you have old, worn concrete porch stairs that are in good condition you can give them a face lift with a decorative concrete overlay. A concrete overlay can be colored and stamped or acid stained to create a highly decorative look.

  3. Plain gray cement porch steps? Engraving your concrete porch and coloring with an acid stain is a great option to add decorative curb appeal. Concrete engraving can be used to create many patterns like stone, brick, or tile.

  4. Stenciled concrete can be used for old or new cement porch steps and landings. Stencils come in many patterns that will match the look and feel of your home. Mimicking brick with a stencil is a popular pattern for many homeowners.

  5. Decorative cement porch steps that match an adjoining front stamped concrete sidewalk will complement and add to the appeal of a homes exterior.

At B&W Concrete in Buffalo, NY we plan well in advance on how to protect the concrete after the pour. We’ll be prepared with a practical method for maintaining heat and the concrete hydration. Want to learn more about B&W Concrete in Buffalo, NY and see what we can do for your home? Sign up to receive a free estimate for your project or any outdoor home improvements! With our concrete in Buffalo, NY we are dedicated to transforming your project and vision into a reality!