Concrete Floor From B&W

A decorative concrete floor from B&W Concrete will be the best foundation you can have for a game room. Our sealed floors are industry-tough to resist chips, cracks and peeling, so you don’t have to worry about the finish being damaged. Spills wipe right up with a cloth, so there’s no need to panic if a drink or food gets spilled.

  • Stained concrete in Buffalo, NY is the most economical finish for concrete floors. You can choose many colors that replicate polished marble and natural stone. Stain shows off the character of the concrete, so for a floor in good condition staining is a great and cost effective way to improve the concrete.

  • Stamped concrete in Buffalo, NY replicates the look of brick, slate, stone, tile and wood designs. We  press a stamp into a concrete overlay that will hide imperfections.

  • Resurfaced concrete in Buffalo, NY involves a concrete overlay that is hand-cut and custom-colored. This provides an authentic look of cobblestone or slate. Each stone is individually cut and colored for a natural look.

It’s possible that your current basement floor is cracked and uneven. This is repairable and we  add a moisture barrier to prevent dampness from being an issue. It’s important that concrete floors in basements prevent the growth of mold and other bacteria, keeping everyone in the house healthier.  

A basement game room is a great idea for everybody, kids and adults alike, providing additional space for the activities your family enjoys. In addition to the everyday use as expanded living space, it can become the perfect space for parties and entertainment.

During football games on Sunday your new basement with concrete from B&W can become a place to host friends. Or on birthday, set the kids free with their friends and on ladies night Mom’s friends can come over to relax from the rest of the family for a few hours.

If you’d like to transform your basement into a usable space for your family, talk with the professionals at B&W Concrete and see what they can do for you to capture that valuable space. A new concrete floor in Buffalo, NY is the first step to making your basement stylish and a place you want to entertain friends. see the many ways we can enhance all your interior floors with versatile concrete in Buffalo, NY.