It’s cold more often than not here in Western, NY our cold weather concreting season is from late October until late March. At B&W Concrete we know what happens to fresh concrete if it's exposed to cold and freezing temperatures. If newly poured concrete freezes, you will have issues with the surface scaling, pop-outs, cracking, and overall weaker concrete. If you need concrete in Buffalo, NY during the winter months, we’re the experts that will the project done right!

In cold weather concrete mix should be batched with warm or hot water temperatures between 120 - 140 degrees F. This should give you a concrete temperature around 60 degrees after being mixed. Forms, rebar, and embedded bond-outs should all be clear of snow and ice before pouring or you'll have voids in those places. After the concrete is placed you’ll want to have portable heaters, building enclosures, portable heaters, and other materials ready insulate the concrete temperature.

4 Tips For Concrete

  1. Freshly mixed concrete must be protected against freezing until it reaches a compressive strength of 500 psi.

  2. At 70 degrees F concrete usually reaches 500 psi within 24 hours.

  3. At 40 degrees F concrete can take 72 hours to reach 500 psi.

  4. Fresh concrete that freezes will not be as weather resistant or water-tight as concrete that hasn't been frozen.

Pouring Concrete on the Ground In Cold/Freezing Weather

 It’s critical to protect the subgrade with insulating blankets, hay, or tent the area and heat it before the concrete is poured. If a subgrade is cold heat will be release out from the concrete which slows down the setting time. When using a tent and heat method, it’s important to vent the heater to the outside air. Heaters produce carbon dioxide that will combine with calcium hydroxide on the fresh concrete. This forms a weak layer of calcium carbonate which interferes with cement hydration.

 At B&W Concrete in Buffalo, NY we plan well in advance on how to protect the concrete after the pour. We’ll be prepared with a practical method for maintaining heat and the concrete hydration. Want to learn more about B&W Concrete in Buffalo, NY and see what we can do for your home? Sign up to receive a free estimate for your project or any outdoor home improvements! With our concrete in Buffalo, NY we are dedicated to transforming your project and vision into a reality!